personal recount

hi i am star this is my personal recount we are learning how to wright a recount here is my personal recount

First let me tell you about my first cruise ship in Italy. I got on the cruise ship with my family. It was huge! When we first walked in , there was a grand hallway that led us to the rooms and different areas on the cruise ship.


We walked to our room, we stayed in room 13 and got settled in.  The room has a window and no balcony. I was happy there was no balcony because I thought when the boat moved we would have gone flying off the balcony! We always woke up early, we were always first to get breakfast. There were cereal boxes and pancakes. It was a buffet bar but they served us. My favourite was cereal and juice. The view of the ocean was really cool.


Each day, me and my sisters went to the kids club. I won a medal! My group was older so we played tag and games and didn’t  get medals but  my sister’s group was younger and they did a parade and she got a medal. 


Next, we kind of enjoyed the pool but it was super salty! Even if I closed my mouth I could still taste the salt. I had to drink orange juice each time I came out of the pool. The view at the poolside was really really good. 


Finally, we stopped in many different places for a few days. The one stop that stuck in my head was one restaurant in Italy. I got spaghetti with butter and it was really good.


we also used our recount skills to create our  recount from the wild robot


star’s science experiment

Hi, I am star this is my first science experiment in grade four. We Explored how light travels and how it reflects.

my question:

how does light reflect?


I think it is going too reflect off of the mirror


1 I gathered straw-clay flashlights and cards.

2 I put x on cards. put on clay on the bottom line up cards shine light off of the mirror


Light did reflect off of the mirror because the mirror is a great reflective material.

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