Building with Rock

Hi, my name is Star and I am going to tell you about building with rocks .

The stone age people used stone to make axes and other tools . People also carved and painted rock. We do not paint events and stories on rock today,we do create stone sculpture’s and other statues for the public and places to mark important events and people in our history.

How did people build with rock?

Thousands of years ago stone age people made their most important buildings from rock

In the past people most often built with stone that where common in their area

Ancient Greece

Thousands of years ago the greeks built large  buildings using limestones and marble. They carried the rock using ramps wagons and logs that rolled on the ground like a conveyor belt.

Medieval Europe

In Medieval times used stone too build important statues like castles and churches.

While people in the past used mostly stone to build with now we use mostly bricks concrete and wood



  • Facts from nelson literacy
  • Pictures from unsplash

personal recount

hi i am star this is my personal recount we are learning how to wright a recount here is my personal recount

First let me tell you about my first cruise ship in Italy. I got on the cruise ship with my family. It was huge! When we first walked in , there was a grand hallway that led us to the rooms and different areas on the cruise ship.


We walked to our room, we stayed in room 13 and got settled in.  The room has a window and no balcony. I was happy there was no balcony because I thought when the boat moved we would have gone flying off the balcony! We always woke up early, we were always first to get breakfast. There were cereal boxes and pancakes. It was a buffet bar but they served us. My favourite was cereal and juice. The view of the ocean was really cool.


Each day, me and my sisters went to the kids club. I won a medal! My group was older so we played tag and games and didn’t  get medals but  my sister’s group was younger and they did a parade and she got a medal. 


Next, we kind of enjoyed the pool but it was super salty! Even if I closed my mouth I could still taste the salt. I had to drink orange juice each time I came out of the pool. The view at the poolside was really really good. 


Finally, we stopped in many different places for a few days. The one stop that stuck in my head was one restaurant in Italy. I got spaghetti with butter and it was really good.


we also used our recount skills to create our  recount from the wild robot




I love puppies. They are energetic, playful and fun. They bark a lot and they roll around and like to play fetch. Puppies are so much fun. They like to have walks and play with their owner or rest with their owner. They like to chew on dog toys. Puppies like sniffing around, barking at a visitor, jumping around, and just being dogs. Do you have a dog?

If you do you need to get some information about your dog because they are more wilder than you think.


They are really cute animals.

Some dogs are really wild and some dogs are really sleepy.

 Fun facts about dogs

  • Some dogs are so fast they could beat a cheetah
  • Dogs do not sweat like we do
  • Your dog can be right pawed or left pawed
  • Dogs are really good swimmers
  • Your dog is amazing at being a dog
  • Dogs are really cool they can help you if you need it
  • They will keep you safe no matter what
  • For dogs chocolate is fatal it can kill them  


The Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

Golden snub-nosed monkey

Golden snub-nosed monkeys are really cool But they’re really wild. I Like the golden snub-nosed monkeys a lot because they are really cute. 

The adult golden snub-nosed monkeys are not as cute as the young golden snub-nosed monkeys.I like them they are amazing. They swing in

trees.  The adult golden snub-nosed monkeys have really big teeth to eat lichens and seeds young leaves, fruit or buds, herbs bark and flowers.

The golden snub-nosed monkey’s home in China, not the city. They live where there are trees and forests.I like them because they evolved into humans. Do you like them too?

They are really wild this is how wild they are they swing through trees like crazy they play this game called let’s break branches they are so wild

I like them but a faraway distance because they are too wild. I like them because they like to be naughty. I like this type of monkey the best of all the types of monkeys.What is your favorite monkey? 


Foxes and Wolves!

By Star

Hi my name is Star. I love foxes and wolves they are so cute and cuddly.They are so adorable and soft.They are so fluffy because they live in the snow so they need fur to keep them warm. I love foxes because they are so cute and adorable animals .Wolves are so cool animals they are so cute and so fluffy .  I love foxes and wolves.They like to hunt animals. They are in the dog family.They are very rough together so they are very dangerous animals . They eat worms and hunt animals and muskox.I have seen foxes and wolves at Park Omega.They live outside and they build their den with sticks and leaves and sometimes maybe bones from the animal they just attacked.I would like to hold a fox and a wolf.Do you like foxes or wolves? Foxes and wolves live in mountains where there is snow. Foxes and wolves have big teeth to attack any animal they want. But a lot of people are attacking foxes and wolves so we need to help them survive and a lot of them are being killed by people. That is why we need to save the foxes and wolves.They have very sharp teeth and dangerous teeth so don’t get too close to the teeth.


The amount of foxes and wolves are really big but the most interesting kind is Arctic foxes and wolves .They blend right into the snow and they are really good at hiding in the snow .They are intairly white and they are really cute.

Fun facts about foxes and wolves.

         Wolves are much larger than foxes.

  •  Wolves weigh more than 100 pounds while the foxes weigh 20 pounds .
  • Wolves have a muscular  body and  a broad snout and smaller less pointed ears compared to a fox.


About Me

Hi my name is Star my favourite color is blue. My favourite game is hockey I played forward and once goalie. My favourite subject is science 🧪 My favourite animal is a  fox🦊 and a wolf 🐺 . My favorite holiday is halloween 🎃. My favourite food is ice cream 🍦. I like reading 📖 . I like my teacher Mrs Bennett.

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