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Imagine a life without bees (pause)...,wait you can’t because without bees you wouldn’t be here (pause)

Hello, I am star and I am here to tell you the importance of bees. My three main points are why bees are important for pollination, the problems that would happen if we didn’t have bees and what people can do to help the bees


Honestly I do not like bees but they are a big part of the world and if you do not bother them they won’t bother you. Let’s get right to it!


Bees pollinate flowers and make all plants grow. They make food and and they make life possible so do not kill bees! They are harmless, don’t bother them and they will not bother you. Here is a fun fact: a bumblebee does not die when it stings someone, its stinger is smooth so it does not stick in you when it stings someone. It just hurts a lot! I would like to tell you about how bees pollinate. 

(Once I am finished with my speech, you should go watch the Bee movie, it will give you all the information you need!) Anyway.. Let me get back to my point – pollination!(pause)

Bees take the pollen from the center of the flower and they spread all over the earth so new plants, crops and flowers can grow. So if you think about bees,they help make everything we eat possible 


Bees are important because if they do not exist, the world will end! No trees, no flowers and no pollination  we will not be able to breathe and die.(pause)

Wow…. that was a little too much! Let me go back. So i told you above how bees pollinate. One of those things that they pollinate is plants and trees.(pause) Now, you may know that plants and trees do a little thing called photosynthesis… this is the creation of oxygen! You know those things we need to SURVIVE! So I hope you are understanding my point that BEES ARE IMPORTANT!(pause)

IF bees disappeared, other than dying, another point that humans don’t like are things that cost more money. If the farmers had to do the bees’ job, it would cost a lot more money and it would not work very well!


YOu might be thinking, well what can you do to help save the bees? Here are some of my ideas. Stop trying to get stung! Some bees, such as honey bees, are endangered and keep dying because you are bugging them and they have to sting to defend themselves! So move away slowly. They come around you because you have something on you that they are attracted to because Another idea is to plant some wild flowers so they will pollinate and a final idea is take a bird bath and put rocks in the water and the bees will just stand on the rocks and drink the water!


 So one final time… The earth needs bees so please help the bees so do what you can to SAVE THE BEES!



geology with cookies

Hi in my science class I had to excavate chocolate chip out of chocolate chip cookies

What is a geologist?

A geologist is a person how studies the earth and rocks and minerals

check out this video about geology 

Minerals are melted  into rock forms and are sorted into these categories: metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary

Some cool rocks are just a lot of minerals squashed together or melted together with all of the heat and pressure.


Innovation Day: castles in the middle ages

Hello and Welcome to my blog for Innovation Day on Medieval castles and Pulley systems.

Background research:

In the middle ages the lord and the king and all of their family lived in castles. Moats normally surrounded  the castles and the castle most of the time inclosed a little town or a little village. They also had drawbridges so that enemies could not get in.


  • Many kings lords and nobles lived in the castles
  • There was no bathroom in the castles just a little room that stuck out of the castle wall


  • A drawbridge is a bridge that moves up and down people in the middle ages
  • They were used for safety and to keep bad people out of the castle

Lords and Serfs

Here is a picture from my research booklet of the differences between the lords and the serfs:

This is the feudal system. The Lords were at the top and were most powerful and the Serfs were at the bottom least powerful.


Here is a link to my blog on Pulleys.


My hypothesis is that a string if i pull it will pull the drawbridge up and put the string on a pulley to move it down. I thought I would use two sticks and put the pulleys on the sticks and connect the string on the pulleys to pull it up and down. My research suggested I could use string and pull on the string to make it a moving drawbridge.



First, I glued three walls on a base of cardboard  with hot glue

Next, I glue two pieces of cardboard and poked holes in it .

Then, I put string in the holes and attached it too the drawbridge and I added the pulley

Finally, I painted and added turrets and decorate.

Here is a picture of me during the build:

Here is a picture of me during the Scientist in the school workshop when we learnt about Gears and Pulleys:

Final Tour of my castle:


Self reflecting conclusion

I did not follow my original plan because it did not work so I went with a different plan see how I it changed above in the procedure.

If I made a castle again, I would make sure that it has different ways to move the drawbridge.

I would have changed nothing about my castle and I am proud of the finished  product!



sound experiment

hello everyone! I am going to tell you about sound experiments

experiment 1:  we take a cup put plastic wrap put the wrap over the cup and put the string around the cup with the wrap pour the salt on the top of the wrap and then take a tuning fork hit it on a solid and then put it near the salt.

experiment 2

take a cup and fill with water and get a tuning fork hit against solid and put in water

Watch my video to see what happened…

personal recount

hi i am star this is my personal recount we are learning how to wright a recount here is my personal recount

First let me tell you about my first cruise ship in Italy. I got on the cruise ship with my family. It was huge! When we first walked in , there was a grand hallway that led us to the rooms and different areas on the cruise ship.


We walked to our room, we stayed in room 13 and got settled in.  The room has a window and no balcony. I was happy there was no balcony because I thought when the boat moved we would have gone flying off the balcony! We always woke up early, we were always first to get breakfast. There were cereal boxes and pancakes. It was a buffet bar but they served us. My favourite was cereal and juice. The view of the ocean was really cool.


Each day, me and my sisters went to the kids club. I won a medal! My group was older so we played tag and games and didn’t  get medals but  my sister’s group was younger and they did a parade and she got a medal. 


Next, we kind of enjoyed the pool but it was super salty! Even if I closed my mouth I could still taste the salt. I had to drink orange juice each time I came out of the pool. The view at the poolside was really really good. 


Finally, we stopped in many different places for a few days. The one stop that stuck in my head was one restaurant in Italy. I got spaghetti with butter and it was really good.


we also used our recount skills to create our  recount from the wild robot


star’s science experiment

Hi, I am star this is my first science experiment in grade four. We Explored how light travels and how it reflects.

my question:

how does light reflect?


I think it is going too reflect off of the mirror


1 I gathered straw-clay flashlights and cards.

2 I put x on cards. put on clay on the bottom line up cards shine light off of the mirror


Light did reflect off of the mirror because the mirror is a great reflective material.

 Building a Parade Float


Can you build a parade float that can hold 100g and travel 50cm?



I thought it would not work but it did it held 100g and traveled 50cm 



4 pieces of cardboard 

2 bamboo skewers 

1 tube 

4 golf balls with holes 

8 elastics 

A few pieces of cotton 

A few pieces of wrapping paper



this is how you make my parade float 

You get one piece of cardboard get two bamboo skewers get four balls make a hole in the ball put the ball on the bamboo skewers but before you put the ball on put elastics on your bamboo skewers put the ball on the skewers now get two more cardboard pieces and hot glue it on like a triangle and cut a hole in a piece of cardboard and put a long tube in and hot glue that on if you want to you take a piece of cardboard and tape a piece of paper and tape it on and then you draw a animal I chose a dog and hot glue it on .you can now go and do whatever decoration you want.


It works it held 100g it went 50cm 

About Me

Hi my name is Star my favourite color is blue. My favourite game is hockey I played forward and once goalie. My favourite subject is science 🧪 My favourite animal is a  fox🦊 and a wolf 🐺 . My favorite holiday is halloween 🎃. My favourite food is ice cream 🍦. I like reading 📖 . I like my teacher Mrs Bennett.

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