Building a Parade Float


Can you build a parade float that can hold 100g and travel 50cm?



I thought it would not work but it did it held 100g and traveled 50cm 



4 pieces of cardboard 

2 bamboo skewers 

1 tube 

4 golf balls with holes 

8 elastics 

A few pieces of cotton 

A few pieces of wrapping paper



this is how you make my parade float 

You get one piece of cardboard get two bamboo skewers get four balls make a hole in the ball put the ball on the bamboo skewers but before you put the ball on put elastics on your bamboo skewers put the ball on the skewers now get two more cardboard pieces and hot glue it on like a triangle and cut a hole in a piece of cardboard and put a long tube in and hot glue that on if you want to you take a piece of cardboard and tape a piece of paper and tape it on and then you draw a animal I chose a dog and hot glue it on .you can now go and do whatever decoration you want.


It works it held 100g it went 50cm 

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  1. Hi Star! Thank you for sharing your parade float challenge on your post! I like that you invented something different by placing a tube through. Was this to drop in the weights(grams)? Do you think it could travel further if you changed anything? Great job!

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