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Imagine a life without bees (pause)...,wait you can’t because without bees you wouldn’t be here (pause)

Hello, I am star and I am here to tell you the importance of bees. My three main points are why bees are important for pollination, the problems that would happen if we didn’t have bees and what people can do to help the bees


Honestly I do not like bees but they are a big part of the world and if you do not bother them they won’t bother you. Let’s get right to it!


Bees pollinate flowers and make all plants grow. They make food and and they make life possible so do not kill bees! They are harmless, don’t bother them and they will not bother you. Here is a fun fact: a bumblebee does not die when it stings someone, its stinger is smooth so it does not stick in you when it stings someone. It just hurts a lot! I would like to tell you about how bees pollinate. 

(Once I am finished with my speech, you should go watch the Bee movie, it will give you all the information you need!) Anyway.. Let me get back to my point – pollination!(pause)

Bees take the pollen from the center of the flower and they spread all over the earth so new plants, crops and flowers can grow. So if you think about bees,they help make everything we eat possible 


Bees are important because if they do not exist, the world will end! No trees, no flowers and no pollination  we will not be able to breathe and die.(pause)

Wow…. that was a little too much! Let me go back. So i told you above how bees pollinate. One of those things that they pollinate is plants and trees.(pause) Now, you may know that plants and trees do a little thing called photosynthesis… this is the creation of oxygen! You know those things we need to SURVIVE! So I hope you are understanding my point that BEES ARE IMPORTANT!(pause)

IF bees disappeared, other than dying, another point that humans don’t like are things that cost more money. If the farmers had to do the bees’ job, it would cost a lot more money and it would not work very well!


YOu might be thinking, well what can you do to help save the bees? Here are some of my ideas. Stop trying to get stung! Some bees, such as honey bees, are endangered and keep dying because you are bugging them and they have to sting to defend themselves! So move away slowly. They come around you because you have something on you that they are attracted to because Another idea is to plant some wild flowers so they will pollinate and a final idea is take a bird bath and put rocks in the water and the bees will just stand on the rocks and drink the water!


 So one final time… The earth needs bees so please help the bees so do what you can to SAVE THE BEES!



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