I love puppies. They are energetic, playful and fun. They bark a lot and they roll around and like to play fetch. Puppies are so much fun. They like to have walks and play with their owner or rest with their owner. They like to chew on dog toys. Puppies like sniffing around, barking at a visitor, jumping around, and just being dogs. Do you have a dog?

If you do you need to get some information about your dog because they are more wilder than you think.


They are really cute animals.

Some dogs are really wild and some dogs are really sleepy.

 Fun facts about dogs

  • Some dogs are so fast they could beat a cheetah
  • Dogs do not sweat like we do
  • Your dog can be right pawed or left pawed
  • Dogs are really good swimmers
  • Your dog is amazing at being a dog
  • Dogs are really cool they can help you if you need it
  • They will keep you safe no matter what
  • For dogs chocolate is fatal it can kill them  


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