Building with Rock

Hi, my name is Star and I am going to tell you about building with rocks .

The stone age people used stone to make axes and other tools . People also carved and painted rock. We do not paint events and stories on rock today,we do create stone sculpture’s and other statues for the public and places to mark important events and people in our history.

How did people build with rock?

Thousands of years ago stone age people made their most important buildings from rock

In the past people most often built with stone that where common in their area

Ancient Greece

Thousands of years ago the greeks built largeĀ  buildings using limestones and marble. They carried the rock using ramps wagons and logs that rolled on the ground like a conveyor belt.

Medieval Europe

In Medieval times used stone too build important statues like castles and churches.

While people in the past used mostly stone to build with now we use mostly bricks concrete and wood



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  • Pictures from unsplash

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