Innovation Day: castles in the middle ages

Hello and Welcome to my blog for Innovation Day on Medieval castles and Pulley systems.

Background research:

In the middle ages the lord and the king and all of their family lived in castles. Moats normally surrounded  the castles and the castle most of the time inclosed a little town or a little village. They also had drawbridges so that enemies could not get in.


  • Many kings lords and nobles lived in the castles
  • There was no bathroom in the castles just a little room that stuck out of the castle wall


  • A drawbridge is a bridge that moves up and down people in the middle ages
  • They were used for safety and to keep bad people out of the castle

Lords and Serfs

Here is a picture from my research booklet of the differences between the lords and the serfs:

This is the feudal system. The Lords were at the top and were most powerful and the Serfs were at the bottom least powerful.


Here is a link to my blog on Pulleys.


My hypothesis is that a string if i pull it will pull the drawbridge up and put the string on a pulley to move it down. I thought I would use two sticks and put the pulleys on the sticks and connect the string on the pulleys to pull it up and down. My research suggested I could use string and pull on the string to make it a moving drawbridge.



First, I glued three walls on a base of cardboard  with hot glue

Next, I glue two pieces of cardboard and poked holes in it .

Then, I put string in the holes and attached it too the drawbridge and I added the pulley

Finally, I painted and added turrets and decorate.

Here is a picture of me during the build:

Here is a picture of me during the Scientist in the school workshop when we learnt about Gears and Pulleys:

Final Tour of my castle:


Self reflecting conclusion

I did not follow my original plan because it did not work so I went with a different plan see how I it changed above in the procedure.

If I made a castle again, I would make sure that it has different ways to move the drawbridge.

I would have changed nothing about my castle and I am proud of the finished  product!



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  1. Zaidie Ron & I just watched your presentation in class & read this blog. We were very impressed with your work!

    Bubbie Karen

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