Innovation Day: castles in the middle ages

Hello and Welcome to my blog for Innovation Day on Medieval castles and Pulley systems.

Background research:

In the middle ages the lord and the king and all of their family lived in castles. Moats normally surrounded  the castles and the castle most of the time inclosed a little town or a little village. They also had drawbridges so that enemies could not get in.


  • Many kings lords and nobles lived in the castles
  • There was no bathroom in the castles just a little room that stuck out of the castle wall


  • A drawbridge is a bridge that moves up and down people in the middle ages
  • They were used for safety and to keep bad people out of the castle

Lords and Serfs

Here is a picture from my research booklet of the differences between the lords and the serfs:

This is the feudal system. The Lords were at the top and were most powerful and the Serfs were at the bottom least powerful.


Here is a link to my blog on Pulleys.


My hypothesis is that a string if i pull it will pull the drawbridge up and put the string on a pulley to move it down. I thought I would use two sticks and put the pulleys on the sticks and connect the string on the pulleys to pull it up and down. My research suggested I could use string and pull on the string to make it a moving drawbridge.



First, I glued three walls on a base of cardboard  with hot glue

Next, I glue two pieces of cardboard and poked holes in it .

Then, I put string in the holes and attached it too the drawbridge and I added the pulley

Finally, I painted and added turrets and decorate.

Here is a picture of me during the build:

Here is a picture of me during the Scientist in the school workshop when we learnt about Gears and Pulleys:

Final Tour of my castle:


Self reflecting conclusion

I did not follow my original plan because it did not work so I went with a different plan see how I it changed above in the procedure.

If I made a castle again, I would make sure that it has different ways to move the drawbridge.

I would have changed nothing about my castle and I am proud of the finished  product!



stars pulley

Hi my name is Star and I am going to tell you about my pulley system

What is a pulley?

A pulley is a type of simple machine it can help you lift something that is really heavy it has something called a groove it is made from a wheel and axle


Different types of pulleys

There are many different types of just to name a few there are a fixed pulley and a movable pulley

in this video it is a fixed pulley i am showing you a fixed pulley

sound experiment

hello everyone! I am going to tell you about sound experiments

experiment 1:  we take a cup put plastic wrap put the wrap over the cup and put the string around the cup with the wrap pour the salt on the top of the wrap and then take a tuning fork hit it on a solid and then put it near the salt.

experiment 2

take a cup and fill with water and get a tuning fork hit against solid and put in water

Watch my video to see what happened…

star’s science experiment

Hi, I am star this is my first science experiment in grade four. We Explored how light travels and how it reflects.

my question:

how does light reflect?


I think it is going too reflect off of the mirror


1 I gathered straw-clay flashlights and cards.

2 I put x on cards. put on clay on the bottom line up cards shine light off of the mirror


Light did reflect off of the mirror because the mirror is a great reflective material.

The Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

Golden snub-nosed monkey

Golden snub-nosed monkeys are really cool But they’re really wild. I Like the golden snub-nosed monkeys a lot because they are really cute. 

The adult golden snub-nosed monkeys are not as cute as the young golden snub-nosed monkeys.I like them they are amazing. They swing in

trees.  The adult golden snub-nosed monkeys have really big teeth to eat lichens and seeds young leaves, fruit or buds, herbs bark and flowers.

The golden snub-nosed monkey’s home in China, not the city. They live where there are trees and forests.I like them because they evolved into humans. Do you like them too?

They are really wild this is how wild they are they swing through trees like crazy they play this game called let’s break branches they are so wild

I like them but a faraway distance because they are too wild. I like them because they like to be naughty. I like this type of monkey the best of all the types of monkeys.What is your favorite monkey? 


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